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Senior Business Analyst
Title:Senior Business Analyst
Location:Washington, DC

ETEK Enterprise is seeking a Senior Business Analyst to provide business management functions within budgeting, financial analysis, planning, and control/allocation of funds. These functions include business process analysis to describe and create defined business and operations controls and processes.


  • Analyze the current logistics structure as it pertains to the Service Order Agreement (SOA) between FAA program managers and FAA logistics Center (FAALC). Determine areas for process improvement and assist with the development of these improvements.
  • Provide overview of day-to-day operations of the contract support personnel.
  • Provide program management and financial management expertise in developing, coordinating, processing, storing, and retrieving program documentation in regard to the SOA.
  • Review invoices from the SOA, ensuring justification, clarity, and accuracy with compliance to government accounting standards and principles provided through FAA financial systems (e.g., Delphi, PRISM, REGIS, OBIWAN, Tracking And Reporting System (TARS)).
  • Assist in training development for operations, processes, and procedures. Training topics include financial oversight processes and acquisition of products and services requirements.
  • Maintain, administer, and refine the automation system used in order to provide for maximum accuracy, fastest processing time, and to accommodate evolving changes in information reporting requirements.
  • Provide and sustain monthly spend plan reports on all OPS funded SOAs through allocations, obligations, and expenditures through the close‐out of each agreement.
  • Conduct studies and analyses to access programs, logistics concerns, and methodologies. Based on analytical results, develop plans and alternatives to address identified concerns including procedures, organizational issues, and cost savings recommendations.

Skills Required:

  • Knowledge and experience with Accounting systems (Delphi, PRISM, REGIS, OBIWAN, Tracking And Reporting System (TARS))
  • Knowledge and Experience Managing Project
  • Experience with Process Improvement
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office tools


  • Bachelor's degree with a major in any field that includes accounting, business, finance, law, contracts, purchasing, economics, industrial management, marketing, quantitative methods, or organization and management.
  • 8+ years of relevant experience
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